Monday, April 3, 2017

"A Mad King"

Something on my mind I've been trying to refine. However the surreal tragic comedy of  the fall of world liberalism keeps getting in the way. One gets distracted by the antics of a delusional uneducated bully being in the White House.

This, and his allying himself with similar grim personages around the world. However 'these' villains are neither stupid nor uninformed. Not good for our mad king or us. Indeed the outcome of such an alliances will be historically tragic for all the world. As for Trump we now know he has no grand plan no great thought out scheme to up-end history.

No his bizarre behavior is not a clever screen for his, and his clique's real intentions. Our tragedy is that he's really in fact actually that uniformed delusional vicious stupid, and thoughtless. He, and his administration is what I'm trying to understand. What has happened? This is not actual politics. It's something else I can't yet name.

He was placed on the throne by a series of ill considered maneuvers by both the Republican, and most damningly the Democratic parties. Forces of rationality were divided, and the mob elected someone as ignorant as they.

The Electoral College designed to prevent mob elections,...failed.

It sat mostly ignored through the generations, but when most needed because of neglect could not operate. What should have been a unanimous vote against the ascension of the most unqualified candidate in the entire history of our republic instead gave only a handful of nervous nays.

In other times when the king was born or became mad or otherwise not able to rule. There were ancient equivalents to our 25th Amendment. A fail-safe against the chaos of an ill or mad king. A "Regent" rules in the name of the Crown. He does this until the royal is fit enough to resume command.

In our case that would be the Vice President. However if the lords, and high nobles don't 'want' a recovery. Don't 'want' a Regent or in our case a Vice President to rule.  This because the mad king is doing their bidding. Further these lords, and nobles don't care what demented laws alliances or proclamations the king makes or issues.

Don't care so long as gold enters 'their' confers, and laws of their wanting are enacted.

So is this it? Is it this simple?

We're stuck with a mad king because insular power groups benefit too greatly from royal madness. This, and they mean to keep him on the Throne indefinitely. Or at least until the Royal Armed Forces led by the Imperial civil service the educated, and the loyal to the Constitution lay siege to the fortress. Something they can't believe will ever happen...much as the French aristocracy did.

Here I dream.

These traitors will be seized. The mendacious lords, and 'their' king will be put to trial

If they keep their heads depends on the extent of their theft, and the damage they did. If relatively minor because they didn't rule long perhaps mercy. Forfeiture of titles, and wealth. However if longer reign endangerments to our national safty, and cruel, and terrible suffering by the people. Then perhaps something more entertaining, and final for the usurpers.

As for the king that depends on if he may still be of use. If not there may be a terrible accident.

More on this as I consider the ongoing complications.

Stay Tuned.

"New Birth"

Will survive this ignorant fool of a president. The unfortunate Mr. Trump, and his clown car of hateful co-conspirators. The Republic is far more resilient than some are aware. Google our history. There have been fools, and criminals before, and we're still here. We will survive heal comfort, and repair. It's a talent America has.

My good friend Eugene Rothman on his page said to this: "...Unfortunately, because of Trump's shortsighted decisions, not to mention those of the "fiscal conservatives", many of the most vulnerable will not survive."

My reply: "...Brutally likely. However if we lose some they will not have perished in vain. From their suffering, and loss as Lincoln said, "We shall have a New Birth of Freedom".

Stay Tuned.

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